Team 2016


We would like to warmly welcome you to the second KINO ASYL Film Festival! This year we have had a great opportunity to learn from each other with our various backgrounds and cultures. We came from different corners of the world to find a new home here in Germany. Our reasons for leaving our countries […]


“Hi, my name is Imraan, and I am a new member of the KINO ASYL family this year. I was born and raised in Afghanistan. I am 18 years old and about two years ago I came to Germany. I now live in Munich. Watching movies, reading novels, studying math, enjoying scientists’ discoveries are my […]


,,I come from Sierra Leone and have been in Germany since 2014. This is my second year with team KINO ASYL and it has been interesting to be part of this group with people of diverse cultures and traditions from different parts of the world. I do learn everyday about the way of life of […]


,,I am from Somali and have been living in Germany since October 2015. I would like to take this chance to be thankful and grateful for all the opportunities and the safety I have received in this country. I believe I can reach my full potential without being hindered. Hopefully in future I want to be […]


,,I am from Sierra Leone, West Africa and have been living in Germany since November 2014. I am one of the team members of the project and this is my second year of being a member of KINO ASYL. I am taking part in the project because it is a MULTICULTURAL project in which I […]


“I am from Somalia. I finished my High school and went to University to become a teacher. Unfortunately after the war I had to flee out of my country. I have been living in Munich since November 2015. I feel really wonderful to be part of KINO ASYL because it is an interesting project. I […]


“My name is Ayham. I am 18 years old I was born in Aleppo in Syria and have been living close to Rosenheim for about one year. I am very happy to be part of KINO ASYL. It’s a great opportunity to share, that not long ago the Syrian people lived a peaceful life with […]


“As Afghan refugee, I came to Germany 15 months ago. My occupation as a film director explains my special interest in movies. Due to the advice of some friends, I found the guys from KINO ASYL. I like working with people from different countries very much, because I could get to know new cultures and […]


Hey I’m Tawfiq and I am 17 Years old. I was born in Afghanistan and lived most of my live there. 14 months ago I came to Germany and settled here. I’m interesed in making movies, music, culture and people. Form me KINO ASYL in an opportunity to live these interests. It’s also a chance […]


” My Name is Paul and I come from Uganda in Kampala City. I’m 20 years old and been living for almost one year in Germany. My hobbies are singing, listening to music and a little bit of playing guitar. I am part of KINO ASYL because I like to watch films, photography, and be […]


,,Afghanistan has many traditions which are totally erroneous, that give clearance families to marry their daughters at young ages without their acceptance and consent because of this shocking I would like to express my feeling by showing SONITA in KINO ASYL. For example, there is a tradition in some provinces that lets families engage two […]


Max Kratzer, freiberuflicher Fotograf und Designer mit hoher Affinität zum Themenkomplex Asyl und so weiter. Ich wollte schon immer mal was mit Flüchtlingen machen 🙂


,,My name is Annabelle and I support Mareike in organization and PR for the project Kino Asyl. Even though I haven’t been part of it for long, I have grown very fond of both the team and the project.”


,,My name is Abid. I am from Afghanistan. The idea of KINO ASYL seemed to be interesting and it was a good chance to work with refugees from other countries and get to know them well. I have learned more than I had imagined here like how to work in a team with people from […]


“Hi, my name is Naseef, I’m from Uganda and am 23 years old. My current place of residence is Munich and I have been in Germany for a year now. I like music, playing basketball, watching action-adventure and inspirational movies. Well, I like KINO ASYL because it brings different cultures together and that we can […]


,,It was my desire to be in charge of KINO ASYL 2016 for Medienzentrum München (MZM). My job is to organize and coordinate quite a bit. I try to create an atmosphere, in which the curators are able to work well. For any questions about KINO ASYL I’m the one to call or text me […]