I am Sheriff and I come from Sierra Leone. I was born in Bo Town. Bo Town is located in the South of Freetown. My Hobbies are sport, cooking, going for a walk and chatting. Wha KINO ASYL? I want to show movies from my home and get to know new people.

I chose this Movie because it inspired me during my childhood. As a Single child of my parents in an African house you always feel the emptiness and wish for siblings, in Africa children are term as important status in society, many women face discrimination when they can’t bear Children….

My Message the to Universum  ´there’s nothing good, except you do it´


Mammah Saylah

Sierra Leone | Regie:  Reel 2 Real Productions and The Culture Heroes | Musik: Steady Bongo | 32 Min. | OmU

This music-film from Sierra Leone tells the story of two married women. One of both, Mammah Saylah is suffering from not having given birth to a child so far. As a consequence thereof she is discriminated as well by her husband as by the son of the other woman.  Despite all those circumstances, it seems as if her precarious situation will twist soon.

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