My name is Ayham Bakkar. I am 19 years old and I was born in Aleppo (Syria). I have been living in Germany for about two years now. I’ve already been part of the KINO ASYL Team in 2016 and I am happy about being again part of this great project this year. Therewith I have the chance to show a german audience what the situation in Syria is like at the moment and why we had to leave this country.

Sunday, 3.12.2017, 3 pm, Pinakothek der Moderne

bon voyage


Schweiz/Syrien  2016 | Regie: Marc Wilkins | 20 Min

Many emigrants get on overcrowded trucks. Their destination: Europe. As they reach it after a hard journey, they are confronted with a hard reality: how Europe treats refugees.

Monday 4.12.2017, 7 pm, HFF



Syrien 2014 | Regie: Faisal Attrache | 5 Min

In the film Documenters, the Syrian actor Jihad Abdo is playing the role of an hero. In the focus, there are the events around the syrian crisis. Activists want to show the world what is going on in Syria with the help of webvideos. But then the government forbids to publish those videos…

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