Hello, my name is Abdolghadir Ahmad – but everybody calls me ‚Abdi’. I come from Somalia and I’m 32 years old. I have been living in Germany for 2 years. I am part of KINO ASYL fort he second time now. I love participating on public events with other people. In my freetime I like watching football, especially Bundesliga and the ‚FC Bayern’. I’m very interested in film and music. I also like writing short stories.

Last year I’ve shown the premierfilm ‚QABiyo II, which means ‚pride and grave’. I wanted te people to know something about the somalian civil war. This time i also want to present a interesting movie about my homesountry.

It is not easy at all to find a fitting somali movie in high quality, which has also been filmed in Somalia. I’ve chosen the movie ‘Men in the Arena’ because it shows the audience another side of my country.  The news often just report about war. However, the documentary  shows culture, sport and everyday life through a story about the two somali footballers Sadaq Mohamud and Sa’ad Hussein.

6.12.2017 | Gasteig Carl-Amery-Saal | 10 am

Men in the Arena

Men in the Arena

USA 2017 | 85 Min. | OmU | Regie: J.R. Biersmith 

In FIFA world ranking, Somalia occupies place number 206 in the year 2017. A lack of financing, training circumstances and ultimately the constant Terror of the terror militia Al-Shabaab hinder the professionalisation of soccer. The documentary accompanies the two somali national players Mohamud and Sa’ad Hussein on their hard way to football professionals.

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