• dieter-baacke_kino-asyl-2016

    KINO ASYL won the Dieter Baacke Prize

    Laudatio Dieter Baacke Preis 2016 Kino Asyl Categorie C – Interculture and international projects) Laudator: Thomas Hartmann, Deutsches Kinder – und Jugendfilmzentrum/KJF, Remscheid „Wir schaffen das!“ Mit diesen Worten versuchte die Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel im Sommer 2015 im  Zuge  der damals  beginnenden Flüchtlingskrise  eine  politische  Marschrichtung  vorzugeben. Was wohl als   Motivation   gemeint   war,   wurde allerdings […]

  • KINO ASYL Trailer 2016

    We proudly present this year’s festival trailer of KINO ASYL! Together with Caroline Spreitzenbart und Kristina Schranz of the University for Television and Film (HFF) Munich, the curators worked for a weekend on this little masterpiece. Check it out!

  • harei-a

    Greetings from Somalia

    For the past two decades the depiction of my people, the Somalis, in films mainly by Hollywood has not been positive. This film, QAB iyo IIL is the first of its kind since the collapse of the central government in Somalia in 1991. A film by Somalis, for Somalis and an international audience. Acting in […]

  • _V0A9375

    KINO ASYL gets honoured for cultural work with refugees

    2016 Federal Minister Monika Grütters honoured projects for cultural empowerment of refugees with an award for the first time. KINO ASYL won the awards, which includes prize money of 10,000 Euros. An expert panel selected KINO ASYL and two other projects out of more than 150 suggested projects. The event took place at Deutsches Historisches […]

  • _V0A7305

    That was KINO ASYL 2015

    Kino Asyl was a glamorous and very intense festival with many authentic impressions from diverent countries. Here some impressions.

  • 2-3

    Work in Progress

    Since 19th May the team meets every second week to get the film festival KINO ASYL 2016 going. Since that day movies were chosen, a program was put together, the website got a makeover, posters were designed, portraits shot, events planned, interviews given and so much more. It’s time to get excited! On Sunday 12th […]


KINO ASYL is a festival showing films from the home countries of the refugees living in Munich. The festival is organised by young refugees, with support from professionals.


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